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Entry: The Dickin Medal - The Animal's VC


In October 1943 the Dickin Medal, the highest recognition of an animal or birdís bravery, was awarded to the pigeon White Vision of 190 Squadron Royal Air Force. The Catalina Flying Boat of 190 Squadron piloted by Flying Officer Ron- W G Vaughan (who was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross) set out from Sullom Voe with the crew of 10. In bad weather, and after 21 hours in the air, the Catalina was forced to ditch in the North Sea west of the Shetland Islands.

Owing to radio failure no SOS signal was received from the aircraft and no position obtained. White Vision was released by the crew and flew for almost nine hours back to Sullom Voe carrying a message detailing the whereabouts of the aircraft. After 18 hours in the water, all of the crew were rescued.

White Vision, later named White Saviour, was bred by the Fleming Brothers of Motherwell.

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